"Let's Play a Game!"

Design at Play

In the game of baseball, the ball is fair and in play when hit inside the baselines. With Graphic Design, the ball will often be played outside the lines. What are we talking about? Well, you hear about "thinking outside the box". While it's a quote used by marketing gurus everywhere, in many cases, the practice may bring designers back to the drawing board as she strayed too far outside the box. :D Instead of an edgey solution, it may take a more "smart design" that tells the right story for a product or service. Smart design should approach each problem with the demographic in mind. Let's start with that.

The Team

When the competitor is eyeing your every move, you need to be anticipating not only their next decision, but also have your plan in place. Using baseball as an example (Baseball, again!?) The manager seems to get the blame for a loss. But, we know that to perform well, one needs a team. Each member of the team serves a specifc role and some roles may overlap. When all players on that squad are working together and focused, your goal is achieved.

It's OK to Be Social!

Yes. Social Media or parts of social media get the short end of the stick sometimes, but now more than ever Facebook and Twitter help the brand as much as the pretty pictures.

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What's a good movie to watch when you're on vacation?

Seeing that some of us rarely take vacations, that one movie that seems to elude us is always the one that tells a great story. You know the one that never starts slow, has superb character development, and ends with everyone talking about how great a movie it was? Well, that movie has yet to be made, unfortunately. But nothing is perfect.

Like movies, marketing communications is not perfect, either. There's no perfect solution. With live discussions, active listening, and no fear of shooting down a seemingly bad idea from the President of the company, a successful solution will be attained.

Always good to know where you've been to make a judgement as to where you're going!